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Lighting Guide 2015 RECOMs global application team is experienced in a wide area of industry. Our comprehensive knowledge base assists our customers in finding LED driver solutions for almost every application. If you need our support, our dedicated team is ready to hear from you. Lighting Guide 2015 5798KB


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High Power LED and DC/DC Driver Applications LEDs are finding their way into many different areas of lighting technology. As this is a relatively new technology, this white paper covers the most important topics about LED lighting, starting from the basics. You´ll find information about driving LEDs with constant current, how to connect LEDs, about thermal management and much more. Finally, this white paper gives some examples of how to use LED drivers in different applications. High Power LED and DC/DC Driver Applications 2708KB


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LED Cooler Test To evaluate if a Synjet® cooler from Nuventix, powered from the LED supply itself via a RECOM R-78B12-0.5/W/X1 switching regulator, is a viable solution. LED Cooler Test 1766KB