The right partners make all the difference!

For many years, RECOM has been cooperating with the leading LED suppliers, sharing information and supporting each other with matching products to offer qualified and reliable lighting solutions to the market. This strong cooperation has lead to several major projects and encouraged us to go the next step; serving our customers with complete lighting solutions instead of just supplying the LED driver.

Especially in the European market, Osram stands for Light! Osram Opto Semiconductors has been well known in the market for many years, offering all types of LEDs, including infrared and laser diodes. The mission statement of Osram Opto Semiconductors is to “Light the Future” and their attitude is that the possibilities are limited only by our imaginations.

To help the lighting industry find both standard and customized solutions, Osram Opto Semiconductors founded the “LED Light for You” network, where Recom has been a member since 2010.

Lumileds is the global light engine leader, delivering innovative, high-quality and sustainable LEDs and automotive lighting helping enable the inventors of next generation illumination to create truly breakthrough products.

Lumileds General Illumination Business introduced breakthrough LED lighting products such as the first LED backlit TV and the first LED flash in camera phones.

Building on 100 years of industry “firsts,” we develop game-changing lighting technologies—while maintaining the end-to-end supply chain our customers have come to rely on. Our LUXEON LEDs deliver unmatched efficacy and incorporate new control options, color changing technology, and convenience.

Sharp is the inventor of the multi-chip LED, first introduced in 2007. With Sharp LED’s focus on efficacy, chromaticity and illumination stability, conformance to Energy Star guidelines are more easily achieved. Sharp LEDs combine high brightness with a very high quality of light.

Sharp offers High CRI values for realistic color representation, a broad spectrum of accurately defined CCTs with reliable homogeneity as well as great long-term stability of the light characteristics. RECOM Lighting and Sharp have been cooperating for a long time. Sharp Europe uses Recom drivers to power their demo cases when they want to demonstrate their Zenigata LED solutions to customers.

Ledil and RECOM Lighting are in cooperation for our scalable lighting solutions. Ledil offers a wide range of high quality standard products and custom solutions meeting all of the lens and focusing needs and requirements of the lighting market. Ledil products and solutions bring out the best in lighting at a fair price.

LEDIL is a Finnish company and fits in perfectly to RECOM Lightings commitment to serve the market with high quality lighting solutions.

LED lighting has been in the spotlight as 'future-generation' lighting. It follows candles, light bulbs, and fluorescent lamps. Its use has been rapidly spreading as environment-friendly lighting in recent years, because of its features such as low power consumption and long life.
Citizen Electronics meets our customers' needs by utilizing our original packaging technology and providing various products characterized by high power, high efficiency, and high color rendering.

Everywhere. Our LED arry and LED chip product platforms are the ambience in high-end retail, hospitality spaces and restaurants. It’s the efficiency of high bay lights for warehouses and factories. Outdoors, we add safety and illumination to building exteriors, parking lots, roadways and landscapes.

When our Décor Series™ Class A Chip on Board (COB) arrays spotlight encourages a shopper to linger longer and buy more, or the V Series™ drastically reduces relamping expenses along a busy street, that’s the Bridgelux measure of success. We make a difference in the way you light the world.