RECOM Lighting is now CREE LED Solution Provider

Published: 17.01.2014

CREE Inc., a leading manufacturer of "High Brightness LEDs" obtained RECOM Lighting, manufacturer of LED drivers and control devices, to its CREE LED Solution Provider. Recently, after a long-term and successful cooperation, the licence contract was signed and during the first Cree Solution Provider Event in Durham the CSP certificate was given to RECOM. Due to this close collaboration RECOM LED drivers can be adapted to CREE’s “High Brightness LEDs” and fulfil all specifications to meet their requirements. Effectiveness and light efficiency can be raised which leads to a higher Design Lifetime of the total system. Additional, the communication between LED and driver can be improved to smooth thermal loads.

From the beginning of the partnership RECOM Lighting provides special constant current driver solutions for the CREE "X-lamp" series. High Brightness LEDs are semiconductors which are regulated with low DC voltage useable in all different international power supply networks. Constant current LED drivers supply the same intensity of power to all LEDs in a chain to avoid unilateral overload.