PSE certified 100W & 150W LED drivers

Published: 28.07.2014

RECOM is a manufacturer of a wide range of DC / DC converters, switching regulators, board-mounted power supplies and LED drivers for the global market. Since the beginning of April, the new sales subsidiary RECOM Power Japan KK provides local language support for Japanese customers.


LED drivers sold in Japan must be certified to the stringent requirements of PSE/DENAN. The third party electrical safety tests conformity were carried out by JET (Japan Electrical Testing) laboratories and this allowed RECOM to apply for the PSE diamond label from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The PSE label ensures that the devices meet the safety and material requirements and comprehensive factory audits are performed to guarantee a stable high quality product.


The first RECOM LED drivers which are permitted to carry the diamond shaped PSE label are the RACD100-PSE and RACD150-PSE series. Both series are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications including road, street and walkway lighting, high-bay, LED signage and outdoor area lighting for car parks, public buildings and tunnels. The RACD150-PSE series is a 150W fully sealed IP67 LED driver with a Dual Mode operation: constant current output from 6.3A to 3.2A and constant voltage output of 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V. The RACD100-PSE series offers 100W of power with the same IP67 rating, but with constant current output from 8.3A to 2.1A and voltages from 12V up to 48V.


Both PSE series feature a unique dual mode operation for either constant current or constant voltage making them suitable for driving LEDs directly or via local constant current DC/DC modules directly on the light engine board. The converters operate with full load efficiencies of more than 90%, feature active PFC with power factors exceeding 0.98 and are fully protected against short circuit, open circuit, overload and over temperature conditions. The RACD100-PSE/150-PSE are Class 1 power supplies, housed in a metal case with 300mm lead wires, and are rated for ambient temperatures of -20°C to +60°C with a maximum case temperature of 90°C. The PSE converters come with RECOM’s standard 5 year warranty.