Don't worry about your Battery Voltage. Our new DC/DC LED Driver "thinks" for you!

Published: 20.06.2013

When driven from batteries i.e. in solar powered applications like off-grid street lighting or temporary traffic lights, the number of individual LEDs within one string is limited by the battery voltage. A 24V battery for example can support six LEDs with a standard buck driver. When the voltage drops below the required level of approximately 22V the LEDs turn dark long before the battery’s energy is fully used.

Our brand new RBD-12 driver puts an end to such limitations. As soon as the input voltage drops below the threshold of the string it automatically switches into "boost" mode and generates a constant current of either 350 or 500mA at output voltages up to a maximum of 40VDC. The RBD-12 can drive up to 12 LEDs in one string from input voltages as low as 8VDC. Our revolutionary "buck/boost" technology makes LEDs shine until a battery source is fully depleted.

RECOM's highly automated SMT mass production capabilities makes the new RBD-12 a cost efficient solution for public transport, marine and aircraft applications even when compared with "boost only" drivers. With it's 33 x 17mm footprint, and weighing only 13 grams the RBD-12 is also ideal for portable equipment. It is available with wires (IP67 rated) or with standard pins for PCB mounting. The operational temperature range is up to -40°C to +75°C without derating. The drivers are EN/UL60950-1 certified and carry a 5 year warranty.

At quantities of 1000pc the end user price is less than 10 EUR or 13 USD per piece. Samples are available from leading suppliers like Arrow, Conrad, Digikey, Element14, ELFA Distrelec, Mouser, Rutronik, RS, Schukart and others (see our page Distribution).


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RBD-12 Training Module (853 KB)