Getting the light level just right with RECOM’s new low cost TRIAC dimmable drivers

Published: 24.07.2017

RECOM introduces four new LED drivers with 9W, 12W, 18W and 25W outputs. They deliver 1% to 100% leading-edge or trailing-edge TRIAC-controlled dimming at the market’s most affordable prices. These LED drivers are designed for either retrofit or new installations and allow the user to set the lighting atmosphere and mood in homes, spotlighting and furniture installations.

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Super-flat 11 / 13mm high LED drivers are ideal for furniture, cove & cabinet lighting

Published: 27.10.2016

RECOM has released an entire family of super-flat constant-current and constant-voltage LED drivers suitable for stand-alone LED luminaires where space – especially height – is at a minimum.

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LED drivers for integrated lighting - new RECOM RACD04 and RACV04 series

Published: 12.09.2016

RECOM DC current (RACD04) and DC voltage (RACV04) LED drivers have been designed for cost-sensitive applications. Safety extra low voltage or SELV terminals are ideal for supplying power to integrated LED lighting.

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Tailor-made drivers for chip-on-board LEDs

Published: 01.07.2015

The new RCOB LED driver series from RECOM has specifically been developed to meet the requirements of COB (chip-on-board) LEDs. The driver series includes 11 models with output voltages between 25 and 44 VDC and constant output currents of 350 to 1050 mA, thus offering a suitable driver for virtually any application.

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RECOM Introduces New Dimmable 25W and 35W LED Drivers

Published: 25.11.2014

RECOM expands its already robust portfolio of dimmable LED drivers with the addition of two new 3-in-1 dimmable LED drivers: the 25W RACD25-A and the 35W RACD35-A. Each series features 3-in-1 dimming, allowing the modules to be dimmed with an analog signal (1-10V), PWM, or external resistor. These drivers round out RECOM’s already comprehensive portfolio of dimmable LED drivers, and fulfill the demand for midrange LED power supplies.

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PSE certified 100W & 150W LED drivers

Published: 28.07.2014

RECOM is a manufacturer of a wide range of DC / DC converters, switching regulators, board-mounted power supplies and LED drivers for the global market. Since the beginning of April, the new sales subsidiary RECOM Power Japan KK provides local language support for Japanese customers.

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RECOM Signal Converter for DALI controlled LED Lighting

Published: 02.05.2014

Convenient control for effective lighting at the lowest possible prices – those are our requirements for modern lighting solutions. The easy installation and programming of the individual components makes the DALI network an especially ideal solution for a system in single rooms. RECOM’s new signal converter RELI-DA01/R is an essential link between dimmable LED drivers and DALI components from other manufacturers’ devices such as switches, dimmers and sensors.

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New LED Driver Solutions for High Voltage Applications

Published: 20.02.2014

RECOM Lighting is launching two new high-power, dimmable, constant current LED driver series for applications that require a high output voltage to drive long LED strings.
The RACD100A series offers constant output currents of 1400mA or 700mA at voltages from 50V up to 142V. The RACD150A offers constant output currents of 1400mA, 1050mA or 700mA, but with voltages from 60V up to 210V. Both LED driver series support dimming via PWM or 1-10V signals and are fully IP67 sealed for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

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45W and 60W LED Driver featuring 3-in-1 Dimming

Published: 03.02.2014

RECOM Lighting has introduced new series of 45W and 60W LED drivers for constant current LED luminaires. The RACD45-A and RACD60-A series come with a 3-in-1 dimming function so that the modules can be controlled with analog (1-10V), PWM, or external resistor dimming. The series operate with input voltages between 90VAC and 305VAC and include 4 different models with current outputs ranging from 700mA to 1850mA (RACD45-A) and from 1050mA to 4200mA (RACD60-A).

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RECOM Lighting is now CREE LED Solution Provider

Published: 17.01.2014

CREE Inc., a leading manufacturer of "High Brightness LEDs" obtained RECOM Lighting, manufacturer of LED drivers and control devices, to its CREE LED Solution Provider. Recently, after a long-term and successful cooperation, the licence contract was signed and during the first Cree Solution Provider Event in Durham the CSP certificate was given to RECOM. Due to this close collaboration RECOM LED drivers can be adapted to CREE’s “High Brightness LEDs” and fulfil all specifications to meet their requirements. Effectiveness and light efficiency can be raised which leads to a higher Design Lifetime of the total system. Additional, the communication between LED and driver can be improved to smooth thermal loads.

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LED Drivers are CB, RCM and ENEC certified

Published: 14.08.2013

RECOM Lighting is a world-wide company with a global clientele. While many customers accept the usual CE or UL8750 certificates, there are some regions that require additional compliance to their own domestic standards and regulations. Therefore RECOM Lighting has selected the LED drivers RACD03, RACD06, RACD12, RACD20, RACT20 and RACV30 for additional certification to the internationally recognized IEC standards (CB report), RCM for Australia and New Zealand (ACMA) and the voluntary quality mark for Europe (ENEC).

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Ultra-Compact 25 Watt LED Driver for Global Use

Published: 14.08.2013

Due to the banishment of low efficiency illuminants, modern LED-lighting solutions are enjoying an increase in popularity and the lighting market is gradually adapting to these changes.
With the new RACD25 series, RECOM extends its broad product portfolio of high-quality LED drivers. Thanks to their long, sleek shape, the 25W modules are ideally suitable as power source for the conversion from fluorescent lamps to modern LED technology.

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Compact 7W Constant Current LED Driver RACD07

Published: 17.07.2013

Introducing the new RACD07, RECOM Lighting adds a new low-cost, constant-current LED driver to their portfolio. Thanks to its universal input range of 90-295VAC, the RACD07 is ideally suitable for applications worldwide. The modules supply a power of 7 watts and are available with constant-current options of 250mA, 350mA, 500mA or 700mA.

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REDIM - Triac Dimmer for LED Lighting

Published: 21.06.2013

Modern lighting solutions offer considerably more than just a means to switch luminaires on and off. Continuously adjustable brightness creates atmosphere. Due to the rise of LED lighting, the consumed energy has also decreased. These things continue to pose new challenges to dimmers. While the base load of an incandescent bulb is about 50W or more, dimmers now must also operate with the significantly lower input power of an LED system.

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Don't worry about your Battery Voltage. Our new DC/DC LED Driver "thinks" for you!

Published: 20.06.2013

When driven from batteries i.e. in solar powered applications like off-grid street lighting or temporary traffic lights, the number of individual LEDs within one string is limited by the battery voltage. A 24V battery for example can support six LEDs with a standard buck driver. When the voltage drops below the required level of approximately 22V the LEDs turn dark long before the battery’s energy is fully used.

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20 Watt LED Driver with Compact Shape and Wide Input Voltage Range

Published: 05.03.2013

With the launch of the new RACD20/277 series, RECOM Lighting extends its broad product portfolio of LED drivers to include modules with a stable 20 Watt output power and a universal input voltage range of 90VAC to 305VAC. Thus, they are suitable for global use, in both 115V and 230V networks.

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High Power LED Drivers for Street and Outdoor Lighting

Published: 14.09.2012

The new RACD100 and RACD150 series are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications whether they are running on 115VAC, 230VAC or even up to 277VAC including road, street and walkway lighting, LED signage and outdoor area lighting for car parks, public buildings and tunnels. The RACD150 series is a 150W fully sealed IP67 LED driver with an extended universal input voltage range of 90-305VAC and constant current output from 6.3A to 3.2A at voltages from 24V up to 48V. The RACD100 series offers 100W of power with the same universal input voltage range and IP67 rating, but with constant current output from 8.3A to 2.1A at voltages from 12V up to 48V.

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Compact Size LED Driver: 30 Watt Constant Voltage with PFC

Published: 10.07.2012

The RACV30 is the first of a new series of constant voltage LED drivers, ideal for powering LED strips and LED modules in applications such as cove lighting, signage, back lighting, channel letters, displays or under cabinet lighting. The input voltage range of 90 to 264VAC assures full functionality worldwide. The new drivers provide up to 30 watts and are available with outputs of 12VDC or 24VDC. The output voltages are closely regulated to compensate for varying loads or supply changes (2% max.)

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20 Watt AC/DC LED Driver with PFC is dimmable down to Zero Flicker-Free

Published: 19.06.2012

TRIAC-dimmers were originally designed to dim incandescent filament lamps. Already the use of CFL lamps causes many problems and the story is continued with LED lamps. LED lamps are the future to illuminate our houses and also public/commercial rooms. Therefore reliable solutions are a must to get the acceptance for these innovative light sources. The elimination of traditional lamp types increases the need for alternative dimming methods.

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