LEDiL goes with RECOM

Published: 18.03.2013

The worldwide LED lens and reflector manufacturer, LEDIL Oy, from Finland has selected to use RECOM LED drivers to be a part of the Strade Reference Design Module. LEDiL's DRM_2X2-ASYM-HB-4 Design Reference Module (DRM) demonstrates ease of development of roadway and high bay lighting systems.

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Innovation Award Gala presented by Selezione di Elettronica Italy

Published: 28.01.2013

For the third consecutive year, “Selezione di Elettronica”, an important Italian electronics magazine, awarded the prize for the most innovative product of the year in cooperation with Farnell Element14 and other Italian distributors. The celebration took place in the Science and Technology Museum in Milan on September 27th, 2012. It was an accomplished evening in an enchanting atmosphere. The awards were presented by the Italian comedian Moreno Morello, who also provided great entertainment.

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Hands-On Seminar at LED Practice Developer Forum Würzburg

Published: 29.11.2012

There is much to be learnt when converting conventional lighting to LEDs. The participants in the annual LED Practice Developer Forum in Würzburg gained useful practical experience of the advantages and pitfalls when implementing LED lighting systems. In addition to informative lectures and educational seminars, the attendees had the chance to talk directly with the manufacturers as part of a tabletop exhibition.

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RECOM: Practical Workshop "LED Lighting" at electronica 2012

Published: 14.09.2012

LEDs are finding their way into many different areas of lighting technology. As this is a relatively new technology, many users are not experienced enough to correctly match the LED, driver and cooling. To shed light on these topics, RECOM offers interested parties the opportunity to learn "first hand" from the experts in a 2-hour practical workshop during electronica 2012. In this unique "hands-on" seminar, participants not only get to know many interesting facts on the subject of LED lighting, but they will also see how easy a conversion to LED technology in practice can be. During the workshop, the participants will modify a conventional halogen desk lamp to the latest LED technology – based on CREE high power LEDs and durable state-of-the-art RECOM LED drivers.

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20 Watt Buck/Boost Driver supplies High Power LEDs from Low Power Sources

Published: 21.06.2012

Standard LED drivers (buck topology) require the input voltage be higher than the output voltage which can cause problems when working with the newest high power LEDs and powering them from low voltage sources like solar cells or batteries. Buck driver solutions, which must always have a higher input voltage than an output voltage, typically result in a design that requires multiple drivers for multiple led strings with lower forward voltages. This problem is solved with the introduction of RECOM Lightings buck/boost LED driver which can deliver high voltages (up to 40V) from a low voltage source (as low as 8V), simplifying the lighting system with the use of a single driver and a long single string of LEDs.

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Franz Guggenmoos – RECOM strengthens its LIGHTING TEAM

Published: 20.06.2012

To ensure an optimized technical and commercial support for the rapidly growing Lighting-Business, RECOM secured the services of an excellent new Field Application Engineer (FAE) member of its team. Franz Guggenmoos will support the global RECOM Sales team as well as its worldwide distribution netwok.

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70 Watt Buck Driver powers long LED Strings and Multi-Chip Arrays

Published: 18.06.2012

LED lighting is booming! Especially for LED strings and multi-chip arrays, the advance is enormous. The required input voltage for buck-drivers increases with the number of LEDs which have to be supplied with constant current. Currently available models had a limit of approximately 40V.

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3 and 6 Watt LED Driver with Constant Current Supply in Ultra Compact Design

Published: 15.06.2012

Advances in LED technology require low power of 1W or 3W for LED-illumination. The two families meet the growing demand for low cost drivers below the previously available products with 12W, 20W, 30W and 60W power. With an input voltage range of 90 to 264AC the new drivers can be used universally on all networks worldwide.

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