Gaslight LED Street Lamps

Gaslight lamps have been an icon of major western metropolis, like Paris, Berlin or London, since the 16th century. Even though the introduction of the incandescent bulb, many older neighborhoods in European and American cities and towns have kept the iconic street lamps because of their beauty and tradition, even though they were not in use.

Nowadays, many of these same cities are bringing back the "gaslight" lamps to make their historical areas more attractive and nostalgic in keeping with tourist perceptions to resemble bygone days. With the addition of special optics, LEDs can re-create a similar look with very low consumption and maintenance costs. A gaslight LED lamp will consume approximately 3 to 4 watts and won't need to be replaced for almost 7 years.

RECOMs low power LED drivers are a perfect match for the electrical needs of these lamps and its small size makes it very easy to integrate and retro-fit within the existing lamp structure without changing its traditional look.