Shop Lighting with Power LEDs

A modular shop lighting concept is a new trend, to have one basic case and mechanical solution which is for many lighting applications very easy to use.

With changing the power LED in the range from 30W to 60W from many different suppliers (but with the same diameter) and the easy variation of the required output current from the relevant AC/DC constant current LED power supply a very flexible light solution can be build in a real modular way.

RECOM Lighting since 2011 is a member of Zhaga ( Zhaga is an industry-wide cooperation between companies aimed at enabling the interchangeability of LED light sources made by different manufacturers. Interchangeability is achieved by defining interfaces for a variety of application-specific light engines. Zhaga specifications cover the physical dimensions, as well as the photometric, electrical and thermal behavior of LED light engines.

The output current potentiometer of the RACD60 LED power supply realises this easy adjustment possibility. Another point of flexibility means for the reflector and lens components, that many of them can be used in the same case diameter size with different LEDs. So especially for a shop light concept it is important to have a flexible beam (from 12° to 55° angle), that can be adjusted through different methods with using always the same basic components. Some constant current power supplies are adjustable through an external temperature controlling and monitoring method like the RECOM RACD60-TOF series. With this TOF version it is possible to adjust the output current of the power supply depending on the temperature conditions and limitations of the LED chip. This means, that this method of temperature control can reduce the output current and so a longer lifetime for the LED system.   

Winning aspects: small size, 5 year warranty, all certificates, very flexible output current adjustment for different LEDs.