Obstacle Lights for Aeroplanes on Wind Energy Plants

After Fukushima the trend of wind energy systems has been forced. With the installed and planned number of such windmills the need of reliably obstacle lighting has been increased. Planes and helicopters must see these obstacles when flying at lower levels to avoid collision, to protect human life and financial losses. Special obstacle lights protect them and make secure, that no accidents can happen. These high power obstacle lights are realised with new power LED and very special lens technology, to have up to 200,000 candela in white light (flashes) or red light applications. Small viewing angle, but very long distances are very important aspects. An important feature is as well, that these lights are protected against lighting impulses that can destroy sensitive electronics. For offshore wind energy systems, it is very important to realise the system under sea water resistant conditions, for examples IP66 or IP67 protection. This is valid for explosive conditions in refineries too. In energy saving solar powered applications the low power obstruction lights are quite important, they have just a power need of only 1.9W.

RECOM Lighting has many global customers, and one such customer was a "leader" to develop our new RCD-48 device. This series was a development to the standard DC input LED drivers, the RDC-24. Buy raising the input voltage to 48V, the RCD-48 can now deliver 70W and output currents of 1.2A to make the LED very intense. RECOM Lighting offers unrivalled reliability in the design of drivers, compared to many competitors, by exclusively using expensive yet reliable ceramic capacitors instead of cheaper electrolytic alternatives. To complete the reliable and design for harsh environment RECOM Lighting uses high-grade encapsulation to seal the drivers, guaranteeing them for long life.