Landscape Lamps

Landscape luminaire manufactures are highly interested in changing their lamps from traditional incandescent into LED. Their choice was clear, they chose to use DC drivers so that they could keep the existing wiring infrastructure and only use a central power supply to power the DC drivers installed at each lamp.

RECOM Lighting DC drivers were selected due to their compact case design that allowed them to integrate perfectly into the existing fixtures. The IP67 rating of the wired models (/W) was important for outdoor lamps and the 5 year warranty an increased confidence in the quality of the RECOM Lighting products.

Additional features of the RECOM DC LED driver family, the RCD-24, such as analog/pwm dimming, were an added bonus to these luminaire manufactures when thinking for their next generation of dimmable landscape lamps.

A second application specific request was presented to the RECOM Lighting's customised product team with a very specific request. A low voltage AC input module was needed with IP67 (no external components) such that LED based landscape lamps could be easy integrated into existing infrastructure and combined with other, traditional lamps. Recom designed and built as special AC Input version of or RCD, with limited power due to the size of the electrolytic capacitor to buffer the energy needed and to generate a DC input for the internal LED driver topology. The customer was highly satisfied in the flexibility RECOM has shown in creating a new part which matched his requirements.