Kitchen Cabinet Lamps

What really differentiates a nice looking kitchen from a top-notch kitchen, besides the quality of the materials, it’s the light. Integrating light into the cabinets of a premium quality wood or marble will accentuate the quality of those materials to a different level. These lights have to be small and be completely integrated with the kitchen cabinets without having to make the "non-usable" areas bigger to make room for the electronics (LED driver) and thermal systems (heatsinks).

RECOMs AC LED drivers come in a very low profile case that makes them ideal for small cabinets and a group of small lamps connected linearly in series.

With up to 30 watts of power, you can illuminate a complete set of kitchen cabinets from a single driver.

The wide output voltage range of RECOMs RACD30 series allow this customer to use them for smaller and bigger cabinets indistinctively.