Interior Dimming

A major installation with the brand new RECOM Lightings RACT20 was done in a ball room in the capital of Austria, Vienna. As LED module a CXA2011 from Cree was used, running at a nominal current of 350mA and a rated power of 15W. The Cree modul was selected as the EasyWhite and the performance is excellent and easy to operate, the ecosystem offers all necessary components to create a luminary to replace existing down lighters.

The customer compared different triac dimmable LED drivers and after evaluation they stated the RECOM Lighting RACT20-350 offers the best performance. A most outstanding feature was the very linear dimming performance offered. This was recognized as the complete installation in the room has 66 down lighters. With the RACT20 all lights have the same brightness and no flickering. Another very important argument favouring the RACT20 was, that RECOM Lighting offers triac dimmable drivers with active PFC which is not standard at this power range, but the customer wanted to be ready for possible changes of regulations. Finally as a public, not commercial installation, it was important to emphasize the cutting-edge technological benefits.