Desktop Lamp with Dimming Function

Our customer designed a high-end desktop lamp with very unique and modern looks and wanted to add a newer functionality besides transitioning from incandescent/halogen to LEDs as in the past there were only two levels of light output, full or half power.

Dimming is a trendy feature, asked by more and more customer and allows them to regulate the light output they need at their desks.

The challenge here was that the customer did not really want to change the design by developing an electronic circuit on a pcb as this would lead into significant redesign costs. Removing the transformer would cause problems too as the design needs the mass to balance the lamp.

The solution RECOM Lighting provided was to use its wire leaded DC LED drivers with in-built reference voltage source (/VREF). This was an ideal solution as only a bridge rectifier, a capacitor and a potentiometer mounted in the lamp base was needed to accomplish the dimming feature.

The redesign including the LED lamp with thermal-management and optics was done within 2 weeks and the time-to-market and flexibility motivated the customer to have plans for future projects with RECOM Lighting. He appreciated our close contact and the technical support offered.

Size, quality and long warranty were the other deciding factors the customer took into consideration for choosing RECOM’s RCD-24/W/VREF for their high-end desktop lamps.