Airfield Lighting

Airfields present unique environmental, mechanical and photometric challenges. Most lights are used for approach, runway and taxiway applications where extreme reliability is paramount. This is exactly why leading manufacturers of such systems choose RECOM Lighting LED drivers. With a wide portfolio of solutions for AC/DC from isolated or non isolated mains, DC/DC for 24V/48VDC bus voltages, or low voltage AC/DC – RECOM Lighting is able to solve nearly every request and retrofits have never been easier. The 5 year warranty, combined with a design life time of 70,000 hours (over 8 years – 24 hours a day) results in the famous RECOM quality. 

How is that renowned quality assured? Before release, each driver must pass a rigorous quality testing procedure using RECOM developed and audited testing protocols. Throughout their lifetime the products are frequently tested to guarantee a continued high level of performance. 

For over 40 years, RECOM has offered power supply expertise in all industrial fields. RECOM knows what is important for customers, and we support accordingly.